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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Wellness in Coldstream BC, serving the Okanagan Region

Our PEMF Wellness Story

Several years ago, my husband, a local physician, began experiencing pain in his hip. He was diagnosed as having severe hip joint wear, with all cartilage being worn away. A total hip replacement was advised. Because of his age at the time – under 50- he was reluctant to have surgery.

Once he needed pain killers every day to function, he started to look at alternatives. A friend suggested PEMF therapy. She had tried it for her back pain whilst visiting family in Ontario. Despite our initial scepticism, we researched the subject for several months, reading all the available literature and studies.

Eventually we arranged to try the machine. The results were amazing. My husband no longer takes pain killers, and has returned to skiing and mountain biking. He has regular sessions to help with both pain and cartilage regrowth.

I have used the machine to help with long standing back pain. It has helped far more than all the other therapies I have tried in the past 10 years – such as chiropractor, physiotherapy and acupuncture. In addition, it has reduced the frequency of my migraines and helped with my sleep patterns.

Rachel Harper, PEMF Wellness

Rachel Harper, PEMF Wellness

The machine we use is the most powerful on the market, and the only one commercially available in BC. The therapy room is situated in a quiet residential area, with easy parking. The room is bright and comfortable, with a relaxing and homey ambience. Clients can either read or listen to music whilst undergoing treatment. Some will even sleep. It is completely painless.

The magnetic therapy is either delivered to the whole body whilst lying on a therapy mat, or to a targeted area via a smaller pad.

I trained as a registered nurse in the UK and have over 20 years varied experience in health care and teaching. I am compassionate and understanding with a good understanding of pain, health and wellness.

The Curatron 2000 machine that we use has been licensed by Health Canada – licence number – 98168. First issue date December 2016. I have undergone 6 months training mainly through web based seminars.

My business is licenced by Coldstream Council, and is registered with the BC business registry.

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